Welcome to Indo Bio Organics. We are specialized in Essential Oils, Carrier Oil, Nature Identical Essential Oils & Diffuser Blends for aromatherapy, natural perfumery, body & facial care. We offer wide range of botanical extracts - including many that are rare and precious. All of our oils are obtained from aromatic plants grown with integrity and care. 

Indo Bio Organics works in partnership with customers on the one hand, and growers, farmers and distillers on the other. Both users and producers can then focus on exactly what they do best, while our skilled technicians closely monitor and control the delivered products. This ensures users can have the confidence that they will receive the best raw materials suited to their requirements. 

The strength of the company is built on both its comprehensive knowledge base, and extensive stocks of raw materials for both fragrance and flavor use. 

 Although many of our customers are also manufacturers who purchase Essential Oils, Carrier Oil & Nature Identical Oils in larger quantities, everyone is welcome to purchase oils from us and take advantage of our bulk pricing. 

From the start of the production process, right to the moment when you're using one of our fabulous products, you can be satisfied that we've thought about our workers, the environment, and you every step of the way. 

We are known for our premium quality products and superior service - whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retail store, aromatherapy practitioner, soap maker, natural perfumer, or are simply curious, we are here to help.

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